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Beyond the Infraction® Discipline Intervention Program
Available for Elementary and Secondary-Level Students

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Take advantage of this offer and gain online access to this highly-rated discipline intervention program for elementary and secondary-level students. This simple but powerful intervention program takes students beyond the infraction and toward the goal of learning from poor choices. These infraction-specific tools were created at the request of educators by educators.

You must have a current Project Wisdom Educator Resource Site (ERS) 2.0 subscription to access this program which is delivered online.

ORDER NOW for just $199. SAVE $100 off the original price of $299 if you order by September 30, 2020.

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Beyond the Infraction

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  • Expect an email notification about access to these password-protected materials.

  • At any time during your annual subscription, you may choose to print the materials for future use.

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