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Values Fostered
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"We believe this program has helped foster an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for each other, not only for students but also for our staff. Thank you!"

Pat, Elementary Educator - Georgia

Values Fostered

Before you implement any program, it is important to determine if the values being fostered (1) correspond to the values your community has agreed to foster, or (2) represent values your community can agree to foster. There are enough messages in each of our series to allow for some selectivity. You can choose not to broadcast some messages, while emphasizing or repeating others.

When you examine the list of values below, it is important to think about the meaning of these values and remember that values overlap and even duplicate. For example, civility contains within it the values of courtesy and politeness. Self-discipline implies responsible behavior and diligence. Responsibility connotes reliability, trustworthiness, and dependability. Prudence is synonymous with good judgment, and so on.

Caring Human Excellence
Civility Integrity
Compassion Kindness
Confidence Love
Cooperation Nonviolence, Conflict Resolution
Courage Patriotism
Diligence Patience
Education, Love of Learning Perseverance
Empathy Positive Attitude
Fairness Positive Work Ethic
Forgiveness Prudence
Golden Rule Respect
Gratitude Responsibility, Individual and Social
Honesty Service to Others
Human Dignity and Worth Tolerance

Excerpt from Contents Page, Series 1

We provide titles and subtitles for the daily messages. This supports educators searching for a message dealing with a specific issue rather than a specific value. For example, a message titled "Peer Pressure" might address the value of moral courage, which is oftentimes needed to resist negative peer pressure. The following is an excerpt from the contents page of our Secondary-level Series 1:

Achievement p.121 Golden Rule p.10
Attitude p.63 Gossip p.99
Character p.41, p.67 Gratitude p.5, p.34
Choices p.1, p.25 Honesty p.31, p.92
Cordiality p.57 Kindness p.76, p.83
Courage p.14, p.62 Freedom p.62, p.106
Courtesy p.48, p.76 Friendship p.24
Dealing with Anger p.60 Gangs p.53
Determination p.94 Genius p.55
Diversity p.18, p.129 Generosity p.29
Doing One's Best p.36 Leadership p.92
Drugs p.40, p.53 Manners p.134
Education p.16, p.74 Patience p.43
Experience p.33 Peer Pressure p.86
Forgiveness p.15 Respect p.27, p.68

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