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Data now shows that character education improves academic performance. For more info:

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Character Education

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Concerned about justifying the time and resources for character education?

Academic Achievement

Concerned about justifying the time and resources for character education?

Discipline Referrals

Many schools suffer daily with a steady stream of discipline referrals, which diverts valuable time, energy, and resources away from more positive and productive activities.

School Climate

Research shows that morale directly impacts achievement. When teachers and students work in a positive school culture, students learn more effectively and teacher retention improves. Effective schools create a strong sense of community, which in turn fosters higher levels of student learning.

Is Project Wisdom Scientifically Research Based?

This form was created to help schools document that Project Wisdom is scientifically research based.

Comprehensive Character Education

For character education to be effective, it has to be comprehensive. There is no single method for effective character education, but there are some standard principles that should be followed.

Character Education and Social-Emotional Learning

Why We Must Teach the Whole Child

Importance of Role Modeling

The importance of role modeling cannot be overstated. It doesn't mean we have to be perfect. We're not and never will be. But it does mean that as adults who have influence over the lives of children, we must strive to model all that we want to teach.

Read this well-received article written by our founder.

Values Fostered

List of values presented in the Project Wisdom materials.

Practical Assessments

These assessment tools include Student Survey, School Personnel's Perceptions, School Problems Inventory, Organizational Effectiveness, Community Involvement Inventory, and a Parent's Opinionnaire.

Important Links

Links to national character education organizations.


Announcement for Parents

Reproducible flyer announcing the implementation of Project Wisdom on your campus.

Funding and Alignments

Your school district may provide a grant writer who is knowledgeable about appropriate funding options.