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Project Wisdom Pilot Advisors

Project Wisdom was piloted during the school year 1992-1993. The messages were carefully screened by educators, students, and parents of diverse racial, religious, economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. The following educators and community members were serving as advisors at the time:

"Students who had been pegged as "bullies" or students who liked to make themselves feel better at another person's expense began to have their actions pointed out to them by OTHER STUDENTS, not just teachers. Positive peer pressure has had a tremendous effect on reducing discipline referrals and made for a more family-like, nurturing environment."

Peggy, Elementary School Principal - North Carolina

Pershing Middle School

Patsy Finch


Mary Garcia

Dean of Instruction

Carol Greenberg

Guidance Counselor

Janet Carr

Guidance Counselor

Jeff Amerson

Teacher and Pilot Narrator

Hortense Murphy

Teacher and Graduate of
The Dr. Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violence

Houston Independent School District

Dr. Jocelyn Mouton

Director of Non-Instructional Training
and Development, Houston ISD

Dr. Jorge Carillo

Clinical Psychologist

Community Members

Dr. Karen Rilling

Humble Middle School

Phyllis Green, BLS, LCDC, CADAC

Institute for Child and Family Services
Alcohol and Drug Intervention Specialist

Gail Goodwin

Editor, Our Kids Magazine

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