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License Agreement

Project Wisdom strives to teach young people how to live ethical, principle-based lives. By honoring the copyright laws and this License Agreement, you not only teach by example, but you help protect the viability of this nationally-recognized program.

It is a violation of our standard license agreement to post our messages online; however during these extraordinary times we are temporarily waiving that part of the license agreement. We are now allowing licensed Project Wisdom, Inc. schools to post the messages via whichever platform they want, but we are asking for just a few things in that regard. 1) Please don’t edit the materials at all and post them in their entirety; whether in print or video. 2) Give credit to Project Wisdom, Inc. in your post; again whether print or video, just be sure to name us and show our copyright. 3) Discontinue posting our materials outside your campus once the Covid crisis is over.

License Agreement

Project Wisdom Materials and/or the Educator Resource Site (ERS) 2.0 are licensed to individual schools. This is a Broadcast License Agreement and is governed by this License Agreement. By implementing this program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Broadcast the Project Wisdom materials over the PA system or in-house television system or audiotape or videotape Licensee's own presentation of the materials at the School.
  • Post themes to website and/or school marquee.
  • Allow password access to the Educator Resource Site 2.0 (ERS) to any employees or contractors of the School.
  • With a paid one-time access fee, allow password access to Beyond the Infraction™ discipline intervention to any employees or contractors of the School.
  • Share Project Wisdom materials with another school either by photocopying materials or providing access to the ERS or Beyond the Infraction™.
  • Print Project Wisdom materials and transfer copies to other schools.
  • Transfer any portion of this program to other schools via email, computer or broadcast system.
  • Copy any individual Project Wisdom message to an Internet site, including your school/district site. No podcasting allowed.
  • Alter or modify any Intellectual Property in any way.*
  • Use the Project Wisdom signature opening and closing lines for any messages other than the Project Wisdom messages.
  • Loan, rent, lease, or sublicense any materials covered by this Agreement.
  • Broadcast any of the Project Wisdom materials off campus.

School's acceptance of its password and access code to confirms School's agreement to follow the terms of this Agreement. The failure of Project Wisdom to enforce at any time the terms of this Agreement in no way makes it invalid. Project Wisdom will make every best effort to ensure ERS availability during School's normal business hours.

Please honor the spirit of this character-building program by honoring this agreement.

*The Project Wisdom messages were carefully piloted and screened by educators, students, and parents of diverse racial, religious, economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Great care has been taken to keep these messages universal in approach while honoring the valid concern of educators and parents about the types of values being presented. Though your intentions may be honorable, we respectfully ask that you not jeopardize the effectiveness and life of this program by altering the content of the messages.

This Agreement is governed by Texas law. The only damages available to Licensee under this Agreement are the refund of its License Fees. No consequential or indirect damages are permitted. Project Wisdom does not make any representations or warranties to Licensee, its employees, or contractors or anyone else affiliated with the School as to fitness for purpose or effectiveness of the content or materials in the Project Wisdom programs.

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