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Monthly Themes: September - June

Series 2 Elementary Level

Our Weekly and Monthly Themes help establish a “virtue vocabulary” on your campus and provide a focal point for the week or month.

Monthly Themes:

August through May
September through June (below)

Weekly Themes:

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Things to know:
  • Each theme includes 1) corresponding daily broadcast messages from which to choose, 2) corresponding journal pages, 3) corresponding lesson plans with additional broadcast messages.
  • Best practices include 1) posting themes on marquees, chalkboards, or in parent newsletters and 2) referring back to the themes as teachable moments arise.
  • It's important to remember that your school has entered into a licensing agreement with Project Wisdom. Copying, sharing, or transferring materials to another campus is strictly prohibited and threatens the viability of our small business.
Month Theme Message & Lesson Plan

Each of these monthly themes has corresponding journal pages which allows students to reflect on the theme of the month. These journals are available to review and print.

Encourage teachers to incorporate themes and their associated value into classroom assignments and discussions. Additional corresponding broadcast messages with lesson plans.
Note: Even if you are not interested in the lesson plans, there are additional broadcast messages here.


Corresponding daily messages
Off to a Good Beginning
1st day of school
Dress codes
Rosh Hashanah

Getting to Know You
Getting to Come to School
Staying on Task
Doing One's Best

Corresponding daily messages

Making Our World a Better Place

Helpful and Happy
Helpful Hands
I'll Volunteer!
Head, Heart, and Hands
Corresponding daily messages

Daring to Be Our Best

Look at Me!
Create an Attitude of Gratitude
Directing Your Own Life
Keeping Resolutions

December (two weekly themes)
Corresponding daily messages

Corresponding daily messages

The Gift of Friendship

Winter Holidays: Peace, Hope & Charity
Note: See Series 1 for Ramadan

Birds of a Feather

Priceless Gifts

Corresponding daily messages

Lemons or Lemonade?
New Year
Japanese New Year
Note: See Messages & Lesson Plans | Calendar Events | January for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday.

Just Ask
It Begins With You
Making Amends
The Little Engine That Could

Corresponding daily messages

We're Different and Alike
Washington's Birthday
Note: See Messages & Lesson Plans | Calendar Events | February for Valentine's Day.

That’s So Random
Exploring Our Character
Tough Choices
Understand the Past

Corresponding daily messages

Making Responsible Choices

Mind if I Don't Smoke?
Healthy and Happy
At the Core
Did You Do That on Purpose?
Corresponding daily messages

Doing What’s Right
April Fool's Day

Look Who's Watching
Good Sticks Like Glue
Looking Out for Others
When I Do Good I Feel Good

Corresponding daily messages

May: Making Our School a Caring Place
Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day
Note: See Messages & Lesson Plans | Calendar Events | May for Memorial Day.

What's in a Name?
The Gift of Encouragement
Think Before You Speak
Going to the Trouble

June (two weekly themes)
Corresponding daily messages

Corresponding daily messages

Respecting Ourselves and Others

Have a Safe and Fun Vacation!
Last Week of School

Building Stronger Bodies

Summer Choices

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