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Monthly Themes: September - June

Series 3 Secondary Level

Monthly Themes:

August through May
September through June (below)

Weekly Themes:

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Things to know:
  • Each theme includes 1) corresponding daily broadcast messages from which to choose, 2) corresponding journal pages, 3) corresponding lesson plans with additional broadcast messages.
  • Best practices include 1) posting themes on marquees, chalkboards, or in parent newsletters and 2) referring back to the themes as teachable moments arise.
  • It's important to remember that your school has entered into a licensing agreement with Project Wisdom. Copying, sharing, or transferring materials to another campus is strictly prohibited and threatens the viability of our small business.
Month Theme Message & Lesson Plan

Each of these monthly themes has corresponding journal pages which allows students to reflect on the theme of the month. These journals are available to review and print.

Encourage teachers to incorporate themes and their associated value into classroom assignments and discussions. Additional corresponding broadcast messages with lesson plans.
Note: Even if you are not interested in the lesson plans, there are additional broadcast messages here.
Corresponding daily messages

Creating Success in School
1st week of school
Rosh Hashanah

Clean Slate
Learning to Learn
Don’t Be Late
Here Comes Tomorrow
Corresponding daily messages

October: Respecting Ourselves and Others

Instant Mean
I’m Listening!
Four-leaf Clovers
Sticks and Stones

Corresponding daily messages

Daring to Be Our Best

You’re Not the Boss of Me
Celebrate Life!
Matters of the Art
Turning Inspiration into Action

December (two weekly themes)
Corresponding daily messages

Corresponding daily messages

The Gift of Optimism

Winter Holidays: Peace, Hope & Charity
Note: See Series 1 for Ramadan and Series 2 for Kwanzaa.

Expecting the Best

Get Creative!

Corresponding daily messages

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones?
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
Note: See Messages & Lesson Plans | Calendar Events | January for additional Dr. King's Birthday and New Year. See Series 1 for Chinese New Year and Series 2 for Japanese New Year.

Lighten Up
Force for Good
All in Good Order
Bouncing Back from Adversity

Corresponding daily messages

Sharing Similarities/Celebrating Differences
Note: See Messages & Lesson Plans | Calendar Events | February for Black History Month, Washington’s Birthday and Valentine's Day.

One of a Kind
Beauty Secrets
The Power of Words
Simple Kindness

Corresponding daily messages

Making a Difference

Helping: A Winning Tradition
Each One Matters
Respecting the Land
Finding the Dream

Corresponding daily messages

Choosing Character
Note: See Series 2 for April Fool’s Day and Passover. See Series 3 for Buddha's Birthday/Vesak.

What Kind of Person am I Going to Be?
Catching a Thief
What’s it Worth?
Let Nature Be Your Teacher (These materials work well for Earth Day.)

Corresponding daily messages

Building a Caring Community
Mother's Day
Memorial Day
Note: See Series 1 and 2 for Cinco de Mayo.

Practicing Compassion
The Importance of Love
Big House/Little House
Appreciating Those Who Teach (Teacher Appreciation Week.)

June (first two weeks)
Corresponding daily messages

Have a Safe and Fun Vacation!
Last week of school
Note: For the last five Special Messages, instead of "Make it a great day... say, "Make it a great summer..."

Books Take You Places
Cloud Watching

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