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A Teacher's Story

A Fire Reignited

By Buzz Brown

My first assignment was teaching high school students how to get and keep jobs. I was excited, dedicated, and motivated, as most new teachers are. But as the years went on and I became more and more embroiled in the politics of education, I also lost my fire and passion for the teaching profession. I left teaching to start my own business and made my living for five years as an independent businessman. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the business did not work out and I was planning to re-enter the teaching profession. All I could remember was the frustration, anger, and helplessness I felt when I left teaching, and the last thing I wanted to do was to experience those feelings again.

What one educator says about the Teacher's Story:

"Thanks for 'making it real'. I like hearing how real people respond and react - rather than theories about how one could or should."

Cheryl, Elementary Teacher - North Carolina

Suddenly, I started to run into my former students, most of whom were still in the profession for which I had trained them. They were contributing to society, feeding their families, and seemed to be reasonably happy. What a revelation for me. I applied and was accepted into a teaching position. I refocused on why I got into teaching in the first place; helping the students prepare for successful lives. Over 30 years after my first class, I still run across some of those students working in the same profession. The politics in education are still there, but that is not why I come to work every day. I come for the kids and their impact on the future.

Buzz Brown has taught for 24 years at the high school and junior college level. He has earned his BA, MA, and Specialist's degree. He is currently working in elementary and middle schools teaching educators to use computers and educational software.



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