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What Parents Are Telling Educators

"Parents, school board members, and other community members have told me how impressed they are with the daily messages."

Marty, Principal - Michigan

"Parents are often in the office during the announcements and ALWAYS voice their approval."

Jeff, Principal - California

"Parents enjoy hearing the daily words of wisdom if they are in the building and have stated that they think it is a wonderful part of the day. They like the fact that all staff (admin. office, teachers, custodians and cafeteria staff) read and create a community."

Tom, Assistant Principal - Connecticut

"I have had parents catch me on campus or around town that will tell me what an impact it has had on their children. Their children will tell their parents about the Words of Wisdom for the day and will tell parents about their disappointment if the Words of Wisdom were not broadcast one day."

Lauren, Counselor - Texas

"Parents are glad to see a consistent, daily message reinforcing positive character traits and values."

Lisa, Principal - Texas

"Some parents who have been in the building when we do announcements have commented that they like the tone of the announcements and the idea of introducing a character education piece each day. In a previous school, a neighbor who heard the announcements over an outside speaker commented that he loved the daily message."

C., Principal - New York

"Parents and kids comment often about the impact of the program. The announcements contribute to a culture of caring."

Kevin, Principal - Washington

"Parents have expressed appreciation for providing their children with the words of wisdom."

Daniel, Assistant Principal - Illinois

"Parents have stated that their children remember the daily messages and tell them about them at home."

Deborah, Principal - West Virginia

"Frequently, parents who visit the building, drop by to tell me that they appreciate the Project Wisdom announcements and their content."

Paul, Principal - North Carolina

"Parents, community and visitors who are on campus during morning announcements always comment on the positive nature of the program and how much they enjoyed it."

Charla, Principal - California

"Parents love it . . . community leaders are impressed by it."

Becky, Counselor - Kentucky

"Parents and visitors in the building at the time of announcements have commented favorably on how positive the messages are, 'how thought provoking they (messages) are' and how 'nice it is to start the day with something worthwhile to think about.'"

Maureen, Teacher - Washington

"Parents coming in the office to check-out students during the announcements have commented about their own children 'bringing home' what the 7th graders were announcing. Many say their 5th/6th graders can't wait until they get their turn to do the announcement."

Ranay, Principal - Oklahoma

"Parents are often in the building when the morning lesson is presented. I often have comments thanking me for taking time to teach life lessons that promote positive behaviors and instill collective community spirit and values."

Pamela, Principal - Michigan

"Parents have told me they ask their child what the message was about today and this leads to a discussion."

Catherine, Teacher - Montana

"Parents often stop and listen to the 'wisdoms' and say that they learn from them as well."

Pansy, Teacher - Texas

"At PTA meetings, parents have commented on how much their children enjoy hearing a positive message in the morning."

Susan, Assistant Principal - California

"Parents love the daily words of wisdom. Many drop off their kids but stay in the lobby to hear them before they leave."

Pansy, Principal - North Carolina

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