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What Educators Are Saying About Project Wisdom

"We love this program! It's really helping to turn the tide towards respect and responsibility."

Constance, Principal - New Jersey

"Super! Great! Wonderful! . . . for six years now."

Alice, Principal and educator for thirty years - Texas

"Project Wisdom has had a very positive effect on students' attitudes and behavior!"

Gary, Principal - Missouri

"I've been an educator for thirty years. I've done my homework on character education. This is one of the finest programs out there."

Lori, Project Wisdom Coordinator - Maryland

"I can't wait to get to school in the morning and use this program! The teachers love it. The community loves it. The students love it. It has absolutely affected the kids' growth and behavior. They are more polite with one another, and more respectful to one another. It's helped them realize their potential and helped them deal with negativity. Project Wisdom has opened up communication lines between me and the students . . . I think it's the finest thing I've done in my twenty-five years in education."

Helen, Principal - Texas

"Best I've seen - thorough - so glad I found it! I highly recommend it!"

Jan, Counselor - Alabama

"We can really see an improvement in our school climate!"

Ron, Assistant Principal - Ohio

"Excellent program. The messages to students and staff are outstanding. I would recommend its use to all principals."

David, Principal - New York

"Can't say enough. Teachers, kids, and parents love it."

Gail, Counselor - Missouri

"It is beyond our expectations how the students have responded to Project Wisdom. They look for them each day. It gives structure and consistency to the middle-school child. I have received nothing but positive statements from students, teachers, and parents."

Delores, Counselor - Georgia

"The best money we've ever spent! It's a foundation for our citizenship program. It values diversity, is literature-based, and provides heroes as role models."

Diane, Principal - Texas

"The students look forward to the time when they can read and discuss the messages."

Sandra, Young Leaders In Action (a youth-at-risk program) - Texas

"Our Words of Wisdom have become an integral part of our daily routine, and the effect has fostered a less volatile attitude among our student population. We refer to the messages daily in dealing with conflicts that arise at school. We believe the idea that 'the choice is yours' makes our students think more maturely."

Barry, Principal - West Virginia

"Thanks again. Project Wisdom is great! Our students and staff continue to listen and learn."

David, Assistant Principal - Pennsylvania

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