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Comprehensive Character Education / Social Emotional Learning

For character education to be effective, it has to be comprehensive. There is no single method for effective character education, but there are some standard principles that should be followed.

"This site has great resources for the classroom. Such as communication and discussion starters, self-esteem boosters, supplementary materials for the classroom, and student activities. These resources help in character building and improve learning in a broad range of areas."

Mary, High School Science Teacher

Eleven Principles of Character Education

Project Wisdom aligns with the "Eleven Principles of Character Education," a document produced by the Character Education Partnership (CEP), one of the world's premier character education organizations. CEP is recognized as a leader in the field and a leading advocate for developing young people of good character and civic virtue.

How Project Wisdom Aligns with CEP's Eleven Principles of Character Education

Project Wisdom as a Springboard for a Comprehensive Initiative

The Project Wisdom Library of Messages and the Project Wisdom Educator Resource Site provide an excellent springboard for an effective character education initiative. This document makes specific recommendations as to how you can create the resources and support you need.

Wise Choices for a Comprehensive Character Education Initiative



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