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Character Education / Social Emotional Learning and Project Wisdom

Concerned about justifying the time and resources for character education and social emotional learning? These articles will not only inform you, they will help you make your case. Although written some years back, they were recently reviewed by a subject matter expert for relevancy and they are as important today as ever before. The bottom line? The focused and intentional development of character, as well as social and emotional development, produces outstanding results, transforming individual lives as well as entire campuses.

". . . We must integrate character education into the fabric of the curriculum and into extracurricular activities."

Bob Chase, Former President
National Education Assoc.

  • "Teaching in Your PRIME: The Fab Five of Educating for Learning and Character," by Marvin Berkowitz, 2009. Excerpt from Good Things to Do: Expert Suggestions for Fostering Goodness in Kids, by David Streight, Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education.

    After working with thousands of educators to help them improve their practice toward both academic achievement and the positive psychological development of students, Dr. Berkowitz shares his five-part model for PRIME teaching. Great read!

  • "What can schools do?" by Charles C. Haynes and Marvin W. Berkowitz, February 2007,

    "After the endless headlines involving corrupt politicians, corporate cheats, doped-up sports stars and Internet predators, you might think that the American people would be demanding more character education in schools. Think again. . . . And then we move on to more important things. Test scores, for example."
Discipline Referrals and Project Wisdom
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Project Wisdom Works!
  • 86% indicate program increases students' self-awareness
  • 88% social awareness
  • 85% self-management
  • 86% relationship skills
  • 86% responsible decision making

How Project Wisdom Impacts Academic Achievement

Elementary students

"I learned to work better for my teachers." 4th grader, East Stroudsberg, PA

"[With Project Wisdom] struggling learners seem to understand the harder they try, the more they get back."

Marie, Intermediate School Teacher - New York

"The words of wisdom make me try to work better everyday." 1st grader, Chesterfield, SC

"I like Project Wisdom messages because they encourage me to try my hardest all of the time." 3rd grader, Tyler, TX

"Everyday, I think about these messages and how I can improve with what I do everyday." 5th grader, Palisade, CO

"Project Wisdom talked about the word responsibility which includes completing my assignments on time." 4th grader, Colleyville, TX

Middle school students

"The Project Wisdom commentary positively changes my outlook. An optimistic outlook helps me to make better grades by believing in myself." 8th grader, Trenton, GA

"One month ago, I transferred schools. Project Wisdom has made it easier. When I was at my other school I wasn't trying as hard, but since listening to Words of Wisdom it has challenged me to work harder." 6th grader, Arroyo Grande, CA

"Much of what we do at our middle school is all tied together through our pro-social curriculum and educating the whole child. There are few instances where a student's improved performance is not tied directly into relationships and one of many positive programs - like Project Wisdom."

Tim, Middle School Principal - Indiana

"Listening to these quotes and stories inspire me. The words actually make me think. I went from the low grades to making the Honor Roll." 8th grader, Belleville, IL

High school students

"By listening to the words of wisdom, I get this 'I can do anything if I try' attitude. I have pushed myself to work harder in my weaker subjects than I usually do, and I have made better grades." 11th grader, Jacksonville, AR

"These words influence me to do better at school. Before I ever heard the Words of Wisdom, I would put myself down for being a failure, but Project Wisdom helped me realize that everyone fails at some point in their life." 12th grader, Blairsville, PA

"'Words of Wisdom' has changed my life in a number of ways. . . . I pay more attention to my class work. Actually, my grades are improving tremendously." 11th grader, Lake Charles, LA