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Schools choose to implement the Project Wisdom supplemental messages with lessons plans in several ways. Some use them as recommended in the Weekly or Monthly Themes. Others choose from the Life Skills/Pressing Issues and/or Calendar Events selection.

Still others, implement these materials weekly as they are featured here and highlighted in our Just For You email deployment. The choice is yours.

These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, life skills, or enrichment classes.

There are several ways you can implement this content:

  • Take 10 minutes to read the message (either on the PA system, in-house television system or as a class read-aloud), and then follow up with the discussion generators.
  • Take 20 minutes and ask students to complete the worksheet.
  • Take 30 minutes or more and choose one of the outstanding follow-up activities written for each academic area.

. . . The choice is yours.

"Students seem to relate to the material. In Junior High, a favorite question is 'Why do we have to learn this?' With these topics, that's a no-brainer!"

Mary, Middle School Teacher - Pennsylvania

You’re going to discover that these plans follow a consistent, easy-to-follow format that provokes meaningful reflection and dialogue about issues that really matter.

If you will be using our weekly or monthly themes, remember that these materials may or may not fit into those themes. We feature these materials for campuses who are not using the themes or as an alternative for materials featured in the themes.


  • Rich Man/Poor Man

    It's been said that the best things in life aren't things at all. Students explore the concept that money and possessions do not buy happiness and that success cannot be measured by the things we own.
    Key Ideas: Quality of life - Materialism - Priorities - Successful living
    Character Traits: Self-respect - Love - Kindness
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Each One Matters

    Many people around the world and in our own communities don’t have enough to eat each  day. Students will consider the idea that we can strive to end a global hunger by taking small local steps. They are also reminded that while they may not be able to help everyone who is hungry, they can help feed one.
    Key Idea: Helping the hungry
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Compassion
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • One of a Kind

    Knowing one's special gifts adds tremendous meaning and success to one's life and helps one become more respectful of the uniqueness of others. Many young people don't like the very thing about themselves that makes them one of a kind. Students consider the idea that they can learn to appreciate their individuality and that of others, as well.
    Key Idea: As we grow in our own uniqueness, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.
    Character Traits: Respect - Tolerance - Individuality
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • The Power of One

    One person can touch thousands of lives. Red Ribbon Week was founded in honor of one man who made a difference in reducing drug trafficking. These materials will help your students explore the notion that their individual thoughts and actions affect others, and that one person can impact the lives of many, for better or for worse.
    Key Ideas: Ending drug and alcohol abuse - One person can make a difference
    Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Caring - Courage
    Message and Lesson Plan*


  • Respecting the Land

    There are more than 500 Native American tribes in the United States. This message and corresponding lesson plan focus on the reverence and respect that Native Americans have for the earth, the concept of a "web of life," and making decisions with future generations in mind.
    Key Ideas: Environmental protection - Enjoying and respecting nature
    Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Four-leaf Clovers

    Some of the "luckiest" people you will ever meet are not lucky at all. They simply set goals, work hard, and reap the natural consequences of all their effort. Students consider the idea that they can make the decision to work hard to reach their goals rather than counting on luck.
    Key Ideas: Work ethic - Luck versus hard work - Hard work and success
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Diligence
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    Most of us have many more present blessings than past misfortunes, but unfortunately, we don’t often stop to consider all the blessings for which we can be grateful. People with an attitude of gratitude live happier lives because they are more focused on what is good and right in their lives.
    Key Idea: Making the choice to focus on one's blessings - Gratitude as an antidote to stress - Media literacy
    Character Traits: Gratitude - Self-awareness - Self-control
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Directing Your Own Life

    Every time students act responsibly, they earn more trust. With that trust usually comes more freedom to choose. Being trustworthy can mean making some tough short-term choices, but long-term, it can mean having greater control over one's future. Students explore the idea that the benefits of making responsible decisions far outweigh the costs.
    Key Ideas: Taking responsibility for one's choices and actions - Taking responsibility builds trust which can create more freedom in our lives.
    Character Traits: Personal responsibility - Trustworthiness
    Message and Lesson Plan*


  • The Gift of Empathy

    Having empathy means that we can understand and care about what other people are feeling. With this message and lesson plan, students will consider the idea that empathy can be a gift when we put it to work to help others in need.
    Key Ideas: Empathy - Turning empathy into action to help others - Bullying
    Character Traits: Caring - Kindness – Helpfulness
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Get Creative

    For many of us, the holidays have become too stressful and too commercial when this should be a time for some recreation, which literally means "to create anew." These materials encourage students (as well as teachers) to find relaxing and creative ways to enjoy the holidays.
    Key Ideas: Winter holidays - Creativity as recreation
    Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility
    Message and Lesson Plan*

  • Town Mouse/Country Mouse

    In today’s world, too many of us spend far too much time worrying about how to get more and better things. Students stop to consider that it's easy to get stressed when we forget what's truly important — enjoying what we have with the people we love. Tips for dealing with stress.
    Key Ideas: Dealing with stress - Materialism
    Character Traits: Love - Caring - Gratitude
    Message and Lesson Plan*

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