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Series 3 Secondary Level

These journals foster purposeful exploration and reflection. Below you will find 36 journal pages that correspond to the Weekly Themes for Project Wisdom Series 3. They are listed in alphabetical order and represent specific values as well as the benefits or application of those values. Although a Best Practice for implementation is to use these in conjunction with either weekly or monthly themes, many schools do not use the themes and narrate the messages from beginning to end. In that case, you can simply choose journal pages at random. Schools use these journals in advisor/advisee and language arts, as well as during detention and in-school suspension. For example, when a student is making poor choices, you might ask him or her to complete the journal page titled "Choices: Designing Our Future" and then use it as a springboard for discussion.

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The program improves student responsible decision making.

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Series 3

Sneak Preview> Attitude: A Key To Success
Attitude: Keeping A Positive Outlook
Character: Making Wise Choices
Choices: Designing Our Future
Citizenship: Making A Difference
Confidence: Daring To Be Your Best
Determination: Overcoming Obstacles
Diversity: Finding Common Ground
Education: Lessons For Learning
First Week Of School: New Beginnings
Goals: Road Maps To The Future
Goals And Dreams: Creating Our Future
Helping Others/Helping Ourselves
Helping Others: Making A Difference
Hugs, Humor, And Laughter
Kindness: A Peacemaker
Know Thyself: Understanding Who I Am
Last Week Of School: Have A Fun And Safe Vacation!
Love: Educating The Human Heart
Moral Courage: Doing What's Right
No Man Is An Island
Obstacles Or Opportunities
Obstacles: Stumbling Blocks Or Stepping-Stones?
Principles: Rules For Living
Respect: Honoring Those Who Can Teach Us
Respect: Simple Things Make A Difference
Respecting Others: The Golden Rule
Respecting Yourself And Others
Responsibility: Building Character Muscles
Smiles: A Universal Language
Success: Doing Our Best
Success: How To Be A Winner
Successful Living (Keys To)
Thanksgiving Week: Gratitude
Uniqueness: I Am Unrepeatable!
Winter Holidays: Peace And Charity

Special thanks to Pansy Gee, Reading Specialist, Mark Twain Elementary School, Texas Education Agency-designated exemplary school, Houston, Texas, and Project Wisdom narrator since 1995, for contributing her expertise toward the creation of this journal.

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