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Plan Ahead: Weekly Featured Messages with Lesson Plans


Here's what you can expect through June 2020.

You can choose to implement the Project Wisdom supplemental message with lessons plans in several ways. You can use them as recommended in the Weekly or Monthly Themes or you can implement them as they are featured here and in the Just For You email to educators who are registered on our Website with a current subscription.

These materials include broadcast messages dealing with current or calendar events, or pressing issues. Also included are correlating lesson plans with worksheets, discussion generators, and follow-up activities for academic areas.

"I found the site extremely useful in relating the subject material to the students' lives. Relevance is a very powerful tool in education."

Margaret, High School English Dept. Chair - Pennsylvania

If you are planning to use the weekly or monthly themes, it's important to know that because this content addresses many calendar events, these topics may or may not fit within the theme you choose for any particular week.

These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, social and emotional learning, life skills, or enrichment classes.


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Available Now!


  • Elders in High-tech World

    Sometimes it's hard to imagine our world without the Internet, cell phones, and tablets. However, that's the world that some older citizens face because they don't have access to or don't know how to use the modern technology that we use every day. Students consider the idea of teaching elderly people how to use modern technology and also consider that they can learn from their elders.
    Key Ideas: Young people teaching the elderly to use new technology - Learning from our elders
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship
    Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for Older Americans Month (May).

  • Brown v. Board of Education

    May 17th is the anniversary of one of the most important Supreme Court decisions ever made. Students explore the meaning and the impact of Brown versus the Board of Education and how they can apply the lessons of this landmark case to their own lives.
    Key Ideas: Anniversary of Brown versus the Board of Education (May 17) - Recognizing kindness - Golden Rule
    Character Traits: Kindness - Compassion - Humanity - Fairness - Self-respect

  • Fallen Heroes

    Memorial Day is much more than just a three-day holiday or the beginning of the summer season. This national holiday is an important reminder of the sacrifices made by brave men and women in uniform who lost their lives in service to our nation. Students discuss the meaning of the Memorial Day holiday and how they can honor our fallen heroes.
    Key Ideas: Memorial Day - Gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans
    Character Traits: Respect – Gratitude

  • Rivers Run Through It

    Like many things in nature, a river can teach us a great lesson. It triumphs every time. It just keeps going despite the challenges, obstacles, and barriers. There will always be barriers in life, stumbling blocks along the way. How we deal with those challenges can greatly determine our success or failure in life.
    Key Ideas: Overcoming challenges - Encouragement
    Character Traits: Perseverance - Commitment – Determination


  • Beyond the Moment

    Hopping from one fleeting moment of immediate gratification to the next can lead us into a very shallow and meaningless life, without any enduring sense of happiness. Reading a good book can provide a long-lasting sense of satisfaction and has a long-lasting payoff. Students are encouraged to read over the summer break.
    Key Idea: Reading as a lifelong habit that can foster "enduring happiness"
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Caring

  • Cloud Watching

    Reflection is a key component of character development. Students are encouraged to spend some time this summer watching the clouds go by and reflecting on the kind of person they are and the kind of person they want to become.
    Key Idea: The importance of reflection for character development
    Character Traits: Self-respect - Responsibility

  • Good Sport

    Sports events provide great opportunities to enjoy the spirit of competition while practicing the Golden Rule. Students consider that whether their team is winning or losing the game, they can be winners by simply being fair and courteous human beings. When they practice good sportsmanship, they always win.
    Key Ideas: Good sportsmanship - Sports events
    Character Traits: Respect - Courtesy - Civility

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