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Plan Ahead: Weekly Featured Messages with Lesson Plans


Here's what you can expect through December 2018.

You can choose to implement the Project Wisdom supplemental message with lessons plans in several ways. You can use them as recommended in the Weekly or Monthly Themes or you can implement them as they are featured here and in the Just For You email to educators who are registered on our Website with a current subscription.

These materials include broadcast messages dealing with current or calendar events, or pressing issues. Also included are correlating lesson plans with discussion generators and follow-up activities for all grade levels.

If you are planning to use the weekly or monthly themes, it's important to know that because this content addresses many calendar events, these topics may or may not fit within the theme you choose for any particular week.

These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, life skills, or enrichment classes.

"The program has been a great way to build a positive school climate and to begin to help students understand that they are responsible for their choices and the outcomes of these choices, both positive and negative."

Amy, Prevention Intervention Specialist - California


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  • Quiet Strength

    We don't hear a great deal about humility today. With so much pressure to succeed, the virtue of humility can get lost. Students will consider the idea that someone who is humble shows strength by appreciating his or her own talents but not boasting about them and that by choosing to be humble, they can discover a quiet strength within themselves.
    Key Ideas: The virtue of humility - Encouraging others
    Character Traits: Humility - Strength - Kindness

  • The Gift of Encouragement

    When gift-giving becomes a stress and a burden it is time to step back and rethink our intentions. Students explore the notion that some of the most meaningful gifts we ever give or receive cost nothing and mean everything.
    Key Ideas: Gift giving - Encouraging others - Generosity of spirit
    Character Traits: Respect - Caring

  • No More Whine

    It's so easy to whine and grumble when things aren't exactly the way we want them to be or when we are faced with a problem, but whining can make a situation much worse while making us and those around us unhappy. Students can learn that instead of whining, they can try to focus on what is good in their life and look forĀ  the things for which they can be grateful, or to look for a way to solve the problem.
    Key Ideas: Whining and grumbling - Problem solving
    Character Traits: Gratitude - Positive attitude

Additional Messages with Lesson Plans

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