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Plan Ahead: Weekly Featured Messages with Lesson Plans


Here's what you can expect through February 2019.

You can choose to implement the Project Wisdom supplemental message with lessons plans in several ways. You can use them as recommended in the Weekly or Monthly Themes or you can implement them as they are featured here and in the Just For You email to educators who are registered on our Website with a current subscription.

These materials include broadcast messages dealing with current or calendar events, or pressing issues. Also included are correlating lesson plans with discussion generators and follow-up activities for all grade levels.

If you are planning to use the weekly or monthly themes, it's important to know that because this content addresses many calendar events, these topics may or may not fit within the theme you choose for any particular week.

These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, life skills, or enrichment classes.

"The program has been a great way to build a positive school climate and to begin to help students understand that they are responsible for their choices and the outcomes of these choices, both positive and negative."

Amy, Prevention Intervention Specialist - California


Available Now!


Available Now!


  • Understand the Past: Black History Month

    Knowing and appreciating the struggles and successes of those who came before us helps us to better understand and appreciate the freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. These materials help students understand the importance of examining the lives of famous African-Americans so we can be inspired and learn from their journeys.
    Key Ideas: Learning from the past - Celebrating the lives of African-Americans
    Character Traits:
    Responsibility - Respect - Citizenship

  • Doing One's Best

    (Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, Feb 12th)
    Imagine a world where people simply did as they pleased all the time and felt no duty to excel at school, at work, or in their relationships. Abraham Lincoln once wrote that "a duty to strive is the duty of us all." Students consider the idea that we each have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to strive to do our very best.
    Key Idea: Striving to do one's best
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Human excellence

  • Helping: A Winning Tradition

    Americans are some of the most generous people in the world. Students take a look at the great American tradition of giving to those in need, and consider ways they can carry on this tradition. They also consider the notion that when we help others, we give ourselves the gift of knowing that we have done something good and honorable.
    Key Ideas: Helping others - Charitable giving - The privilege of giving
    Character Traits: Respect - Generosity - Caring

  • A Force for Good

    When you hold onto a grudge, you are unwilling to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget what happened or deny the other person's responsibility in what happened. Students explore the notion that love and forgiveness can turn anger, bitterness, and resentment into a force for good, for themselves and for others.
    Key Ideas: Turning an enemy into a friend - Holding onto grudges
    Character Traits: Respect - Love - Forgiveness

Additional Messages with Lesson Plans

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