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Plan Ahead: Weekly Featured Messages with Lesson Plans


Here's what you can expect through April 2019.

You can choose to implement the Project Wisdom supplemental message with lessons plans in several ways. You can use them as recommended in the Weekly or Monthly Themes or you can implement them as they are featured here and in the Just For You email to educators who are registered on our Website with a current subscription.

These materials include broadcast messages dealing with current or calendar events, or pressing issues. Also included are correlating lesson plans with discussion generators and follow-up activities for all grade levels.

If you are planning to use the weekly or monthly themes, it's important to know that because this content addresses many calendar events, these topics may or may not fit within the theme you choose for any particular week.

These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, life skills, or enrichment classes.

"The program has been a great way to build a positive school climate and to begin to help students understand that they are responsible for their choices and the outcomes of these choices, both positive and negative."

Amy, Prevention Intervention Specialist - California


Available Now!


Available Now!


  • Power to Change

    Making changes in behavior or breaking a habit is never easy. However, there are people who can help us change for the better, because sometimes we need someone else to come along beside us and show us the way. In the end, though, we have to be the ones to make the changes ourselves.
    Key Idea: We each have within us the power to change for the better.
    Character Traits: Self-respect - Responsibility

  • Brave Hearts
    Moral courage requires that we act upon the principles in which we believe, while being conscious of the risks involved. Moral courage can be encouraged and taught by example and by practice. Learning to have the courage of one's convictions is an important part of creating a life that is both successful and meaningful.
    Key Idea: Acting upon core ethical values often requires moral courage
    Character Traits: Courage - Kindness - Honesty - Citizenship
  • Let Nature Be Your Teacher
    Students consider the wisdom that can be gained from observation of our natural world. They also examine the values we need if we are going to successfully protect our environment.
    Key Ideas: Understanding the values needed to protect the earth - Lessons learned from nature
    Character Traits: Caring - Respect - Responsibility
  • Leading the Way
    Great leaders are those who inspire others to reach their goal. They must show good character while helping others to have confidence in their own skills. Young people can be leaders in our school, community, and country. Students will take a look at the character traits needed to be a good leader as well as considering their own potential leadership skills.
    Key Ideas: Becoming a good leader - Leading with strong character
    Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship - Perseverance
  • Choosing Honesty
    Cheating in school or other activities is never honorable. By choosing to be an honorable person, the decision has already been made not to cheat. Students who choose to cheat may find it easy at first but there are short- and long-term negative consequences if they are caught. Students will consider these consequences and the loss of self-respect whether they are caught or not.
    Key Ideas: Choosing not to cheat - Being honorable
    Character Traits: Honesty - Integrity

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