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Our Just For You emails provide you with professional support throughout the school year. These thought-provoking messages are written to foster professionalism, promote ethical and caring leadership, boost morale, and improve classroom management. But most of all … to support you.

In Every Bold Intention

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*Did You Do That On Purpose?
Life can be so random at times. It can be confusing and challenging. For life to make sense, it has to have meaning. It has to have purpose, and having purpose in our lives is something we choose because when we do anything on purpose, we do it deliberately. Students explore the importance of choosing a worthy purpose in their lives.

Make believe colors the past with innocent distortion, and it swirls ahead of us in a thousand ways, in every bold intention.
~ Shirley Temple

Imagine the myriad of paths your life can take. Will you just happen upon the right direction, or do you need to take positive steps and deliberately choose how to reach your destination? A painter doesn't haphazardly slap down paint hoping it becomes a successful work of art. Each stroke is applied thoughtfully and intentionally to become the envisioned composition. What steps will you take to reach your upshot? Let this be a lesson in your classroom: We are all works in progress, but laying down the bold strokes of intention is the start of success.

With something to think about . . .

Remember to take care of yourself.

Map out the branches of your life. What do you need to do to go in the direction you want your outcome to look like?

Real Life Hero

Originally published January 13, 2020.

Featured Message & Lesson Plan

*A Hero's Character
On January 15, 2009, Captain "Sully" Sullenberger landed a crippled plane on the Hudson River and saved the lives of 154 passengers. He is known as a man of strong character and has been hailed a hero for his actions. People of good character make positive impacts on our world every day. Students consider that every time someone acts with honor, integrity, and caring, our world is better for it.

Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero.
~ Fred Rogers

What does it mean to demonstrate heroic behavior to our youth today? Is fame or fortune part of the equation? Being a hero doesn't need to be something flashy. It's not about winning or making a public show of questionable behavior. It's about mindfully choosing to be kind, to help when needed and to conduct oneself in a manner of integrity when faced with difficulties. This kind of heroic behavior is found in classrooms every day as we lead our children and guide them towards wise choices and bright futures. You can offer the gift of showing our young people what being a real-life hero every day is all about.

With something to think about . . .

Remember to take care of yourself.

Who are your heroes? Model those traits you admire about them. Imitation is the best form of flattery!

Healthy Blooms

Originally published January 6, 2020.

Featured Message & Lesson Plan

*Healthy and Happy
Many of our students are not eating right or getting enough exercise. One of the best ways to help young people get fit is to include the entire family. January is National Family Fitness Month which is a great time for students to stop to consider ways they and their families can help each other eat healthier food and get fit.

The flower of health blooms when all parts work together.
~ Kurdish saying

If we were writing a list of our top aspirations, chances are that for most of us health and happiness would show up somewhere near the top. There's a reason why these two words commonly appear on lists of resolutions or goals. They go hand in hand. One works better when the other is in check. It's important for us, and for our students' growing minds and bodies, to have the mental and physical strength to tackle all that life throws in our direction. Staying as healthy as we can could be our refuge in a storm. Be a shining example of what it means to have all your parts working together!

With something to think about . . .

Remember to take care of yourself.

Don't over complicate, just do the things that make your body and mind feel good. Eat well, sleep well, go for a walk. Make a note for reference of how you feel when you do the right combinations!

Present Tense

Originally published December 16, 2019.

Featured Message & Lesson Plan

*Town Mouse/Country Mouse
No matter how hard we try to make the holidays stress-free, there will be moments over the holiday season when students, parents, or other family members get stressed out. In the well-known Aesop's fable, Town Mouse is far too concerned with wanting more and better and forgets that what's truly important is enjoying what we have with the people we love. Great springboard for some meaningful dialogue. Tips for dealing with stress.

The more tense you are, the less you can hear.
~ Yo-Yo Ma

There are lots of buzz words telling us how hard we should be working. We need more grit. We've got to be on the grind. We need to hustle. Do more, get more, be more. Keeping busy is not necessarily bad but packing your schedule with schoolwork and activities can be exhausting. Step back out of the whirlwind every so often. Listen to what your body/mind/spirit is telling you. Make sure you're not too busy or too stressed to recognize the signals that you need to slow down and listen. We can get into the habit of hurry. Put some margin in your day. Life is short, and there so many beautiful things to hear.

With something to think about . . .

Remember to take care of yourself.

The way you feel is your body's way of telling you what it needs. Listen to it and learn to read the signs. It's a win-win. The more you listen, the more attuned you'll be to what your body needs and the better you'll feel.

Like No One Else

Originally published December 9, 2019.

Featured Message & Lesson Plan

*Get Creative
For many of us, the holidays have become too stressful and too commercial when this should be a time for some recreation, which literally means "to create anew." These materials encourage students (as well as teachers) to find relaxing and creative ways to enjoy the holidays.

Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.
~ Albert Einstein

It's sad to hear some people say they are simply not creative. By our very nature we're all creative beings, but it's a skill we must develop. Creativity isn't just about creating an art masterpiece, it's about using our ingenuity, inventiveness, and imagination to turn ideas into actuality. It's a process of experimentation, exploration, and questioning assumptions. And it's an important quality for our youth to develop. By teaching them to notice the small details of life, to think for themselves, to find innovative solutions, and try new things, we are teaching them how they can build the best lives for themselves.

With something to think about . . .

Remember to take care of yourself.

Find the artist within. Don't attach expectations of perfection. Just grab your favorite medium whether it's paint, colored pencils, clay or yarn. Create something as you work through whatever may be bothering you. It's a great release!