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The Project Wisdom Journal pages are simple and effective tools for the classroom.

Schools using the journals report improved social-emotional competencies. > Program Evaluation These journal pages foster purposeful exploration and reflection of the everyday choices that students make about their behavior, relationships, and education to name just a few. Schools use these journals in advisor/advisee and language arts, as well as during detention and in-school suspension.

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When a student is making poor choices, you might ask him or her to complete the journal page titled "Choices: Choosing What's Right" and then use it as a springboard for a meaningful discussion.

If you are having a difficult time motivating your students, you might ask them to complete "Education: Knowledge is Power".

Why should I use the Weekly Journals?

The goal of character education is to teach students to understand, care about, and, most important, act upon core ethical values. Character is what you do when no one is looking. These journals encourage reflective thinking, which is fundamental to the development of an intrinsic motivation that doesn't rely on external recognition or rewards.

What results can I expect?

Our 2004 Program Evaluation indicates that using the Weekly Journals produces more positive outcomes such as:

  • greater impact on student self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship skills
  • greater boost to the school climate
  • greater boost to teacher morale
  • more student conversation about character issues
  • greater decrease in student teasing and/or bullying
How do Journals work with the Themes?

Licensed Project Wisdom schools implement the program in many different ways. Many schools broadcast the messages sorted into Weekly or Monthly Themes. Our reproducible Weekly Journals correspond to those themes.
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* Note: Schools who have not purchased Series 2 and/or Series 3 will not have access to these journals.

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