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Constitution Day: Extraordinary Possibilities * — On this day when the nation pauses to consider the significance of the U.S. Constitution, students have the opportunity to consider two important notions: 1) they live in one of the freest and most prosperous nations in the world, and 2) it is a nation full of extraordinary possibilities created by ordinary people.
Key Ideas: Democratic process - Power of each individual voter - Civic duty
Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship

Constitution Day: Hope of Liberty — Constitution Day, September 17th, is a good opportunity for students to reflect on the hard work and dedication of our Founding Fathers who created the U.S. Constitution. The men showed perseverance, responsibility, cooperation, and commitment. Students consider the idea that a democracy must have future generations who are willing to cultivate these character traits in order to thrive and remain free.
Key Ideas: Constitution Day - The necessity of strong character in our public servants - Constitutional freedoms - Active citizenship
Character Traits: Responsibility - Loyalty - Respect

Constitution Day: The Power of Ideas * — The founding of America has been called a grand adventure in ideas. Our Founding Fathers knew how to share, analyze, and debate ideas respectfully. As students move through life, it will be important that they listen to and share ideas with others, debate ideas respectfully, and most importantly, pay attention to how ideas influence them and the choices them make.
Key Ideas: U.S. Constitution - Founding Fathers - Citizenship - Ideas
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Cooperation

Grandparent's Day: Wisdom from Our Elders * — One of our nation's greatest resources is the wisdom of those who have walked farther down the path of life, but sadly, we don't always foster relationships between our young people and the elderly. This message and corresponding lesson plan will help students better understand how they can benefit from the wisdom of those who have a link to the past.
Key Ideas: Honoring those who can teach us - Respecting elderly citizens
Character Traits: Respect - Caring

Hispanic Heritage Month: Finding the Dream * — It is important to set goals and work hard to achieve the American Dream. Vice Admiral Antonia Novello, the first woman and first Hispanic Surgeon General of the United States, tells young people that they should also take a stand for what they believe in and serve others. Students will take a look at the traits needed to achieve their dream.
Key Ideas: Contributions of Hispanic-Americans - Antonia Novello - American Dream
Character Traits: Self-reliance - Positive work ethic - Service to others

Hispanic Heritage Month: Two in One * — There are millions of people in the U.S. who speak both English and Spanish. Research shows that, among other things, people who speak two languages increase their thinking skills. Whether one's second language is Spanish, Arabic, or French, there are many benefits to being bilingual.
Key Idea: Benefits of speaking two languages
Character Traits: Respect - Tolerance

Labor Day: Honorable Work * — Someone once said, "All work is honorable." Each day honorable people get up and go to work. It's easy to take for granted the benefits of that collective effort. These materials allow students to pause and reflect on all the hard work good people do each day from which they benefit.
Key Ideas: All honest work is honorable - Each of us benefits from the honorable work of others
Character Traits: Respect - Gratitude - Strong work ethic

National School Success Month: Learning to Learn * — Learning how to study not only helps students become better learners, it can help them become better people. This message and lesson plan provide students with the opportunity to consider all the great benefits that come with learning strong study skills.
Key Ideas: Being a successful student requires strong study skills - Learning how to study
Character Traits: Responsibility - Self-discipline

September 11 - Anniversary: Finding Strength in Disaster — In the face of an unimaginable disaster, we witnessed great courage, love, and selflessness. Remembering 9/11 is an opportunity to reflect on what's really important in life. These materials allow students to explore the concept that something positive can come from even those most disastrous events in life.
Key Ideas: Preserving the memory of the victims - Learning from the events of September 11
Character Traits: Respect - Courage - Kindness - Service

September 11 - Anniversary: Respect/Courage — Additional Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan

September 11 - Anniversary: Service and Unity — Additional Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan

* These same materials can also be found under a Life Skills/Pressing Issues category.

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