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Media Literacy

Creating and Sharing Positive News — It was once said that "Harmony seldom makes the headlines" (Silas Bent). So much of what is reported in the news is negative, but there is good news out there and all around us. You just have to search a little harder to find it. With these materials, students will learn how important it is to create, identify, and share positive news.
Key Ideas: Looking for the positive in life - Sharing positive news with others - Media literacy
Character Traits: Positive attitude - Citizenship

Paying Attention to Media — Most of us don't pay close enough attention to what we watch, hear, and read in the media. We forget how much the media influences the way we choose to live our lives. Students explore concepts of media literacy and how media can influence their character.
Key Ideas: Media literacy - Critical thinking
Character Traits: Responsibility - Discernment

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