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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Red Ribbon Week: Keeping It Real * — For people who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, the expression "keeping it real" means getting real about their substance abuse and the impact it is having on themselves and others. Students consider the importance of being honest with themselves about the implications and dangers of illegal drug use.
Key Ideas: Drug and alcohol use - Getting honest about the seriousness of substance abuse - Addiction
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Honesty

"I love your work and use it regularly to support the safe and drug free schools program. Your messages are always short, to the point, and frequently provide a motivational quote that drives the point home."

Wendy, High School Teacher - California

Red Ribbon Week: The Power of One * — One person can touch thousands of lives. Red Ribbon Week was founded in honor of one man who made a difference in reducing drug trafficking. These materials will help your students explore the notion that their individual thoughts and actions affect others, and that one person can impact the lives of many, for better or for worse.
Key Ideas: Ending drug and alcohol abuse - One person can make a difference
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Caring - Courage

Red Ribbon Week: Additional Broadcast Messages
Not Too Smart *
What’s Really Cool *

Smoking: Great American Smokeout: Mind if I Don't Smoke? * — Students consider that not smoking is the truly respectful thing to do for themselves and those around them.
Key Ideas: Smoking - Health
Character Traits: Respect - Courtesy

Why Vape? * — Additional Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan
This message focuses on the dangers of vaping — inhaling a heated aerosol vapor with an e-cigarette. Many young people start vaping because of peer pressure while others are drawn to the flavors. Students will consider the idea that choices come with consequences, and the consequences of vaping can be addiction and damage to their bodies.
Key Ideas: Vaping - Addiction - Harming your body
Character Traits: Self-respect - Self-discipline - Courage

* Materials with an asterisk (*) relate to Drug and Alcohol Abuse and are also related to Red Ribbon Week. These same materials can be found under Calendar Events | October | Red Ribbon Week.

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