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June (including end of school year)

National Flag Day: A Symbol of Unity — The Stars and Stripes represent more than just the original thirteen colonies and the fifty United States. It symbolizes the history of the United States and its people. It represents the values our forefathers used to establish our great nation. With these materials, students have the opportunity to remember that the flag represents all of us as Americans and those who came before us.
Key Ideas: Flag Day - The flag as a symbol - Positive values
Character Traits: Caring - Citizenship - Respect

Student Safety Month: Safe or Sorry * — Every day, young people are injured unnecessarily. They break bones, injure eyes, become permanently disabled, or even lose their lives because some safety precaution wasn't taken. Students explore the benefits of taking safety precautions and the consequences to themselves and others when they don't observe safety rules.
Key Ideas: Staying safe during outdoor summer activities - Safety Rules
Character Traits: Responsibility - Respect - Citizenship

Summer Break: Beyond the Moment * — Hopping from one fleeting moment of immediate gratification to the next can lead us into a very shallow and meaningless life, without any enduring sense of happiness. Reading a good book can provide a long-lasting sense of satisfaction and has a long-lasting payoff. Students are encouraged to read over the summer break.
Key Idea: Reading as a lifelong habit that can foster "enduring happiness"
Character Traits: Responsibility - Caring
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for winter break.

Summer Break: Cloud Watching * — Reflection is a key component of character development. Students are encouraged to spend some time this summer watching the clouds go by and reflecting on the kind of person they are and the kind of person they want to become.
Key Ideas: The importance of reflection for character development
Character Traits: Self-respect - Responsibility

Summer Break: Make it Simple * — Students are challenged to make healthier food choices and learn to cook simple, healthy meals over their summer vacation. They will consider that they can also develop valuable life skills such as self-discipline and responsibility while learning to help cook for their family. Students will also take a look at related issues including access to fresh foods and health problems caused by poor diet.
Key Ideas: Eating healthy - Learning life lessons in the kitchen
Character Traits: Self-responsibility - Self-discipline

Summer Choices — Summer vacation is just around the corner which means, for most students, more free time and more choices about how to fill that time. Students are encouraged to choose wisely so they will come back next fall a little bit older and a little bit wiser.
Key Ideas: Summer vacation - Choices come with natural consequences - Choosing to spend time wisely
Character Traits: Responsibility - Wisdom

* These same materials can also be found under a Life Skills/Pressing Issues category.

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