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Black History Month: Diversity — America is like a colorful tapestry and each of us can weave something important into the fabric of our country. In honor of Black History Month, students will consider the notion that the more we learn about one another, the more we discover our commonalities, and in doing so, we help make our diverse nation stronger.
Key Ideas: Celebrating African-Americans - Strength in diversity
Character Traits: Respect - Understanding - Empathy

Black History Month: Tough Choices * — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. faced many difficult decisions in his life. With these materials, students have an opportunity to reflect on the fact that each of us faces many decisions each day. Some may be very difficult, but whatever the situation, we can learn from Dr. King's example by using these opportunities to do the right thing.
Key Ideas: Awareness of our daily choices - Doing the right thing
Character Traits: Moral courage - Integrity - Honesty
*Note: This broadcast message and lesson plan work well for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Black History Month: Understand the Past — Knowing and appreciating the struggles and successes of those who came before us helps us to better understand and appreciate the freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. These materials help students understand the importance of examining the lives of famous African-Americans so we can be inspired and learn from them.
Key Ideas: Learning from the past - Celebrating the lives of African-Americans
Character Traits: Responsibility - Respect - Citizenship

Lincoln's Birthday: Doing One's Best * (Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, Feb 12th) —Imagine a world where people simply did as they pleased all the time and felt no duty to excel at school, at work, or in their relationships. Abraham Lincoln once wrote that "a duty to strive is the duty of us all." Students consider the idea that we each have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to strive to do our very best.
Key Idea: Striving to do one's best
Character Traits: Responsibility - Human excellence

National School Counseling Week: Gratitude * — Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan
The first week of February is National School Counseling Week. It’s a great time to thank counselors for the guidance and encouragement they give students throughout the school year. This message highlights some of the ways counselors help students succeed.
Key Ideas: National School Counseling Week – honoring counselors
Character Traits: Gratitude - Respect

National School Counseling Week: Just Ask * — Asking for help can be intimidating. This message and lesson plan remind students that school counselors are an important resource when they are facing a challenge, whether it is a scheduling issue, a problem at home, or a career choice. This content emphasizes the importance of talking to trusted adults, like school counselors, as a way of solving problems more effectively.
Key Ideas: Asking school counselors for help - Asking for help can be difficult
Character Traits: Responsibility - Respect - Confidence

Presidents' Day — Additional Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan

Random Acts of Kindness Week: That's So Random * — Kindness benefits the one who receives the act of kindness, but it also benefits the one who acts with kindness. Students are challenged to put kindness into action.
Key Ideas: Random Acts of Kindness Week - School climate
Character Traits: Kindness - Generosity - Empathy

Super Bowl - Super Life (Super Bowl Sunday) — In this special message and lesson plan, Tony Dungy, first African-American head coach to win the Super Bowl, reminds students that the strength that matters most in life is not the physical strength they see on the football field, but the quiet strength that comes from a strong character.
Key Ideas: Physical strength vs. inner strength
Character Traits: Inner strength - Respect - Responsibility

Super Bowl Superstar * — Supplemental Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan
Students hear the message of perseverance from a Super Bowl champion quarterback. He overcame many failures in his career and suggests that when we struggle in life, we can use it as an opportunity to grow and build our character.

Valentine's Day: Be Giving — Holidays like Valentine's Day provide us with an opportunity to share and give of ourselves. Students will learn to reach out to those who may be feeling unloved or unwanted.
Key Idea: Extending kindness to those who may need it
Character Traits: Caring - Kindness - Citizenship

Valentine's Day: Celebrating the Power of Love — Additional Daily Broadcast Message - No Lesson Plan
Key Ideas: Putting love and caring into action
Character Traits: Love - Caring - Service to Others

Washington's Birthday: Birds of a Feather * — George Washington was a great leader who understood how peers influence us, for better or for worse. He also understood the need to treat one another with civility and respect. With this special message and lesson plan, students explore the notion that choosing friends wisely is very important.
Key Idea: Our peers influence us, for better or for worse
Character Traits: Responsibility - Respect - Trustworthiness

* These same materials can also be found under a Life Skills/Pressing Issues category.

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