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Beginnings and Endings — The beginning of the school year is the perfect time for students to make some really important choices. If they begin on a solid foundation of guiding principles and expectations, they are much more likely to experience a better end.
Key Ideas: New school year - Beginnings can determine outcomes - School culture - Guiding principles
Character Traits: Responsibility - Self-management - Reflection

Clean Slate — Every school year students are confronted with a choice. Will it be a year like the last, or can they learn from past mistakes and make it even better? What will they choose to write on their clean slate?
Key Idea: Getting a fresh start
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Positive attitude - Perseverance

Fate, Freedom, and Coming to School *— Democracies are made strong by educated, responsible, and caring citizens. Some would say that a democracy cannot survive without citizens who are capable of making informed and wise choices. This is an opportunity for students to consider the benefits of a free and public education and how their education can impact our common future.
Key Ideas: Citizenship - The importance of educated citizens in a democratic society
Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship

Getting Your Z-Z-Zs * — It's been said that without sleep we all become tall two-year-olds. How does sleep impact our performance? ... how we treat others? What is our personal responsibility when it comes to getting enough sleep?
Key Idea: Plenty of sleep improves performance at school - Importance of sleep to health and well-being
Character Traits: Responsibility - Self-respect - Management - Attitude

Go for the Goal ** — Michael Phelps once said: “I want to be able to look back and say, ‘I’ve done everything I can, and I was successful.’” Students will examine the benefits of resolving to do one’s best to reach a goal so they will have no regrets, regardless of the outcome.
Key Ideas: New year - Resolving to do one’s best - Turning adversity into strength - Goal setting
Character Traits: Perseverance - Self-respect - Discipline

Going Back to the Future * — It's been said that remembering the past gives power to the present. Students have the opportunity to reflect on both the mistakes and the successes of the past school year so they can learn from these experiences and be empowered to set new goals for the upcoming school year.
Key Ideas: Learning from past mistakes - Memory and learning - Reflection
Character Traits: Responsibility - Wisdom

Great Expectations * — Students examine their expectations for the school year and how the first days of school can set the tone.
Key Idea: Setting the tone for the school year
Character Traits: Respect - Caring - Citizenship

New School Year: A Key to the Future — Additional Daily Broadcast - No Lesson Plan
A new school year is a good time for students to focus on the importance of their education. This message reminds students that education can open a whole new world to them, but they must come to class on time each day ready to learn and set aside time to study. Students are also encouraged to set goals for the school year.
Key Ideas: Education is a key to the future - Goal setting - Punctuality
Character Traits: Responsibility - Self-respect - Diligence

Playing by the Rules * — Rules help us maintain order, fairness, and safety. Most rules are established for an excellent reason and are intended to benefit the whole community. Students explore the rationale for rules, responsible ways to challenge rules, and the need to follow rules as responsible members of society.
Key Ideas: Rationale for rules - Following rules for the benefit of self and others - Golden Rule
Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship - Fairness

* These same materials can also be found under a Life Skills/Pressing Issues category.
** These same materials can also be found under January for the New Year.

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