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Election Day * — Additional Daily Broadcast Message - No Lesson Plan
Key Ideas: Election - Democracy
Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship

Elections: Counting for Something * — Students have great opportunities at school to learn to think independently so they can someday become responsible voters in the democratic process.
Key Ideas: Democracy - Choices - Citizenship
Character Trait: Responsibility

Family Stories Month: Sharing Our Lives Together * — Family narratives are important because they are personal and true. They can help bond families together, and help young people better understand themselves and the world around them. As we approach the holiday season, students may be spending more time with family, which is a great opportunity to recall and collect some real family treasures.
Key Ideas: Family history - Belonging - Heritage
Character Traits: Respect - Caring

Great American Smokeout: Mind if I Don't Smoke? * — Students consider that not smoking is the truly respectful thing to do for themselves and those around them.
Key Ideas: Smoking - Health - Great American Smokeout
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Caring

Mix It Up at Lunch Day: Mixing it Up * — For some kids, it's a little scary to talk with others they don't know. Mix It Up at Lunch Day is meant to encourage students to overcome their shyness, "mix it up" in the lunchroom, and sit with schoolmates with whom they might not otherwise spend time. They might even make new friends!
Key Ideas: Being brave enough to sit with someone new at lunch - Making new friends
Character Traits:
Respect - Caring - Appreciation - Cooperation

National Education Week: Education - Doorway to Success * — Every student is fortunate to be able to come to school each day, an opportunity many children around the world do not have.
Key Ideas: Love of learning - School pride - Choices - Teacher appreciation
Character Traits: Responsibility - Gratitude

Native American Heritage Month: Respecting the Land * — Part of the Native American culture is a deep respect for the land, air, and water. What we do today to the environment will effect future generations. Students will explore some of the heritage and culture of the Native American people and how we can draw upon their wisdom to help protect our environment.
Key Ideas: Respecting the earth - Reducing, reusing, recycling
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Cooperation
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for Earth Day.

Thanksgiving: Celebrate Life! — We all need a gentle reminder to pay attention to the simple joys of life, particularly as we gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. We can delight in the happy sounds of the holiday; in the yummy smells; and in every smile, hug, and act of kindness. Consider that we can make every day a holiday by celebrating the simple joys of life.
Key Ideas: Awareness - Positive attitude - Resiliency - Thanksgiving
Character Traits: Gratitude - Respect

Thanksgiving: Count Your Blessings — It's easier to pay more attention to what's wrong in our lives than to what's right. This lesson is about considering the importance of keeping a "gratitude attitude" even in the face of challenges.
Key Ideas: Gratitude - Choices - Appreciation - Thanksgiving
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Positive attitude

Thanksgiving: Create an Attitude of Gratitude * — Thanksgiving is an opportunity to foster and share a sense of gratitude. When we consider the struggles the pilgrims faced, the fact that they set aside a day of thanks becomes all the more meaningful. These materials will help your students consider the benefits of counting their blessings, particularly during difficult times.
Key Ideas: Remembering our blessings - Being grateful for the good in our lives even during difficult times - Thanksgiving
Character Traits: Gratitude - Appreciation

Veterans Day: Say Thanks — Americans enjoy a way of life that many around the world can only dream of. Much of that is due to the sacrifices of our courageous veterans. Veterans Day is a chance for your students to thank those citizens who have given of themselves both in wartime and in peacetime.
Key Idea: Expressing gratitude to veterans for their service to our nation
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Gratitude

World Kindness Week: Simple Kindness * — Consider all the bad situations in our world and in our lives that would completely go away - totally disappear - if everyone involved would show some simple kindness toward one another. There will always be mean-spirited and uncaring people in the world, but we can help reduce the pain caused by such behavior by showing simple kindness to those around us.
Key Idea: Kindness as an antidote to bullying, teasing, violence
Character Traits: Kindness - Respect - Tolerance

* These same materials can also be found under a Life Skills/Pressing Issues category.

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