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Be a Real Winner — This message and lesson plan take a look at a Detroit Tigers pitcher who threw a no-hitter but was denied the honor because of an umpire's bad call. Students will consider the actions of this baseball player who demonstrated good sportsmanship during a difficult situation and explore ways to learn from his example.
Key Ideas: Good sportsmanship on and off the field - Doing one's best in unfair circumstances
Character Traits: Responsible - Respectful

From Impossible to Possible * — It's difficult to imagine that there was ever a time in history when American women could not vote or own their own houses or land. Extraordinary women have paved the way for today's young girls to reach for their dreams. Students will learn about the important role that women in American history have played in shaping our country.
Key Ideas: Achievements of American women - Great American female role models
Character Traits: Fairness - Respect - Citizenship - Perseverance
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for National Women's History Month which in March.

Good Sport — Sports events provide great opportunities to enjoy the spirit of competition while practicing the Golden Rule. Students consider that whether their team is winning or losing the game, they can be winners by simply being fair and courteous human beings. When they practice good sportsmanship, they always win.
Key Ideas: Good sportsmanship - Sports events
Character Traits: Respect - Courtesy - Civility

Looking Out for Others * — It's been said that safeguarding the rights of others is both a noble and beautiful thing. Students learn the meaning of the word dignity and why it’s important to treat others the way they would want to be treated.
Key Ideas: Human dignity - Golden Rule
Character Traits: Fairness - Respect - Tolerance
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for Human Rights Day: December 10.

Playing by the Rules * — It's a new school year and it's time to talk about the rules. Rules help us maintain order, fairness, and safety. Most rules are established for an excellent reason and are intended to benefit the whole community. Students explore the rationale for rules, responsible ways to challenge rules, and the need to follow rules as responsible members of society.
Key Ideas: Rationale for rules - Following rules for the benefit of self and others - Golden Rule
Character Traits: Responsibility - Citizenship
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for the beginning of a new school year.

* Materials with an asterisk (*) relate to Fairness and are also related to a calendar event. These same materials can also be found under Calendar Events.

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