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Coping With Challenges

Just Ask * — Asking for help can be intimidating. This message and lesson plan remind students that school counselors are an important resource when they are facing a challenge, whether it is a scheduling issue, a problem at home, or helping to adjust to a new school. This content emphasizes the importance of talking to trusted adults, like school counselors, as a way of solving problems more effectively.
Key Ideas: School counselors care about and want students to be their best - Everyone needs help at times
Character Traits: Responsibility - Trust - Confidence
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well for National Counseling Week.

Overcoming Obstacles * — No Olympic athlete has worked harder to get to the Olympics than those who compete in the Paralympics for disabled athletes. One such athlete is Ralph Green. Ralph has a story that will inspire both you and your students.
Key Ideas: Turning obstacles into opportunities
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility - Self-discipline - Commitment
Note: This message and lesson plan also work well during the Olympics or for International Day of Disabled Persons. Check Internet for dates.

Rivers Run Through It — Like many things in nature, a river can teach us a great lesson. It triumphs every time. It just keeps going despite the challenges, obstacles, and barriers. There will always be barriers in life, stumbling blocks along the way. How we deal with those challenges can greatly determine our success or failure in life.
Key Ideas: Overcoming challenges - Encouragement
Character Traits: Perseverance - Commitment - Determination

Underneath the Anger — Sometimes, getting angry is the right thing to do, like when we get angry at some terrible wrong that has been committed. But most of the time when we get angry, it's because we are hurt or afraid. Students examine some of the underlying emotions that can create anger, their responsibility for addressing those root causes, and ways to deal appropriately with those feelings.
Key Ideas: Dealing with anger - Underlying causes of anger
Character Traits: Respect - Responsibility

* Materials with an asterisk (*) relate to Coping With Challenges and are also related to a calendar event. These same materials can also be found under Calendar Events.

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