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About pdfs

Adobe® Reader®

Definition of PDF

If you have tried unsuccessfully to view and print any of the pdfs on this site (broadcast messages, lesson plans, or other materials), you probably need to install Acrobat® Reader® on your computer.

A FREE copy can be downloaded by going to

It's a very simple process.

"The messages are very inspirational and educational and teach students lessons of life."

June, Elementary Counselor

Navigating through a pdf

You will notice that there is no scroll bar next to the pdf. There are two ways to easily navigate through the pages.

  • Place your cursor inside the document, click your left mouse button and use the Page Up and Page Down buttons on your keyboard.
  • Do a right click and select either First Page, Next Page, Previous Page or Last Page.

Printing pdfs

To print a pdf, simply click on the Print button in the green sidebar to the left and your print dialogue box will appear. Once the pdf is printed, don't hit the X button at the top right corner. You will exit the site. Simply hit the Back button.

Word Searches in pdfs

You can search for words in a pdf. For example, you can open the Quotations for the Classroom pdf and search for quotes containing the word "respect." It's easy. Here's how:

  • Place your cursor inside the pdf.
  • Press Ctrl + F or do a right click and select Find and a Find window will appear as below.
  • Do a find like you would in any other document.

Match Whole Word Only finds only occurrences of the complete word you enter in the text box. For example, if you search for the word "stick", the words "tick" and "sticky" will not be found.

Match Case finds only words that contain exactly the same capitalization you enter in the text box.

Find Backwards starts the search from the current page and goes backward through the document.

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