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Who We Are

Our vision is to build CHARACTER by helping students take responsibility for their choices and actions, to build CONFIDENCE by motivating students to do their personal best, and to build COMMUNITY by inspiring students to contribute to the world around them while honoring the diversity that makes our country great.

"The messages reflect positive values, highlight the words of well-known people and those who have striven to overcome obstacles. The examples are multicultural and include male and female role models. Quotes from literature are rich and stimulate discussion."

Maureen, Middle School Principal - California

About Our Company

Project Wisdom, Inc. is an independent, nonpolitical for-profit organization founded in 1992.

The program was originally piloted in a middle school by educators, students, and parents of diverse racial, religious, economic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Within weeks of initiating the pilot, educators and community members serving as advisors to the project suggested that the program be made available to other schools. In early 1993, a small business was organized to meet this need.

Today Project Wisdom has licensed more than 19,000 schools nationwide.