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Project Wisdom is one of the oldest and most respected character education / social-emotional programs in the nation with more than 19,000 licensed schools. All of our quality materials are now conveniently available online to educators through our Educator Resource Site 2.0. Read More.

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Our hearts go out to all those who have suffered a loss due to the raging fires in California and to the courageous firefighters and other first responders.
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The Project Wisdom Educator Resource Site 2.0 is an easy-to-navigate source of quality character education materials. Our Three-Step Approach includes weekly deliverables and access to a database of quality materials that are proven to build character and social-emotional competencies.

Three-Step Approach

For Campus

The centerpiece of the Project Wisdom program is a collection of thought-provoking messages designed to be read over the PA or in-house television system that encourage everyone on campus daily. We offer a complete online library of three series and each series contains enough broadcast messages for an entire school year. With a one-year subscription, you would receive online access to our complete program of character education materials.

  • Project Wisdom’s "Words of Wisdom," daily broadcast messages that encourage everyone on campus to do and be their best.
  • Weekly and monthly themes that help establish a "virtue vocabulary" on campus and provide a focal point for the week or month.
  • White papers, parent resources, and much more . . .
For Classroom

Highly-rated and easy-to-implement lesson plans that integrate character education into all grade levels or academic areas.

  • Student journal pages that encourage reflection and help build character and social- emotional competencies.
  • Online access to highly-rated character education materials.
For Educators
  • Weekly professional support for educators delivered by email during the school year to every registered user.
  • Email notification each time materials are posted.

Key Findings & Research

There is strong evidence to suggest that good character education improves grades and test scores, improves school climate and decreases discipline referrals. Project Wisdom is one of the oldest and most respected character education programs in the nation. > Learn More

A few key findings from our 2013 Program Evaluation
  • 94% say the program affects the school climate in a positive way.
  • 80% say it helps to decrease incidents of student teasing and/or bullying.
  • 89% say it has a positive impact on teacher morale.
> 2013 Full Evaluation

A few key findings from our 2008 Program Evaluation
  • 97% express overall satisfaction with the Project Wisdom Educator Resource Site.
  • 99% enjoy professional support from our weekly Just For You email.
  • 96% of principals would recommend the site to others.

>2008 Full Evaluation

A few key findings from our 2004 Program Evaluation
  • 95% say the program affects the school climate in a positive way.
  • 78% say it helps to decrease incidents of student teasing and/or bullying.
  • 92% say it has a positive impact on teacher morale.
> 2004 Full Evaluation

Educator Feedback

"Project Wisdom makes all the difference in the world to establishing a positive climate at your school. I have been using it for 7 years and find that it has a tremendous impact on the climate of the school. It is a great program."
Frank, High School Principal - California

"Project Wisdom is inspiring, motivational and interesting ... both students and staff love it. I have been using it daily for over 10 years. It never gets old. It only gets better."
Leticia, Junior High School Principal - Texas

"Project Wisdom lessons get better and better. The 'gratitude attitude' concept has been a stimulus for critical thinking, important sharing and even the learning of coping skills in this time of economic fears."
Karen, Elementary Counselor - Massachusetts

"I emailed my principal yesterday to tell her how much I appreciate this subscription. It is an excellent resource . . . very inspirational to me and engaging to my students!"
Bobbi, High School ESL Teacher - North Carolina

"I think our school is a better place because of Project Wisdom."
Christine, Superintendent - New York

"... the students/staff enjoy the program and it makes a difference in their attitude for the day and week ... highly recommend!"
Michael, High School Resource Officer - Kentucky

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