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Because of the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus we are extending our special offer.
Special offer EXTENDED to September 30, 2020!

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"Project Wisdom makes all the difference in the world to establishing a positive climate at your school. I have been using it for 7 years and find that it has a tremendous impact on the climate of the school. It is a great program."

Frank, High School Principal - California

Here's what you get with the program:

Series 1 - $599 $539

Special offer EXTENDED to September 30, 2020!

Initial one-year, schoolwide subscription

When you order Series 1, your school becomes an officially-licensed Project Wisdom school. You and your staff can then register for a year of online access to the following three components of this nationally-recognized program. Each component supports the other to help create a more safe, caring, and effective school environment.

1) For the Campus - Project Wisdom's Words of Wisdom Online Library of Daily Broadcast Messages

The centerpiece of the program is a series of thought-provoking inspirational messages that are narrated over your PA or in-house television system. In just one minute a day, you can reach every student and every staff member with a few words of wisdom that will uplift and promote a more positive and effective school climate. Series 1 comes with a year of online access to 190+ proven-effective broadcast messages. You and your staff will have access to daily broadcast messages that have been conveniently batched by weekly or monthly themes, journal pages, white papers, and more. K12 schools have access to both elementary and secondary materials.

2) For the Classroom - Easy-to-implement lesson plans

You and your entire staff will also have access to our highly-rated and easy-to-implement online collection of lesson plans. These materials help students build character and develop social-emotional competencies while addressing important and relevant issues such as bullying, cheating, and academic achievement. Each plan contains thought-provoking discussion generators and follow-up activities for each grade level (elementary) or core academic area (secondary).

3) For Educators - Professional Support and Just For You messages

During the school year, every registered user will be sent by email the following weekly Professional Support: 1) one of our highly-rated Just For You messages. These concise, thought-provoking messages are written to foster professionalism, promote ethical and caring leadership, boost morale, and improve classroom management, and 2) featured easy-to-implement lesson plans. Also throughout the school year, all registered users receive a Teacher’s Story, best practices and uplifting stories shared by educators just for educators.

At any time during your annual subscription, you may choose to print the materials for future use.

Sample Materials

Series 1 and 2 - $1,198      $1,048 (save $150)

Series 1, 2 and 3 - $1,797  $1,527 (save $270)

Special offer EXTENDED to September 30, 2020!

Save up to $270 with the purchase of all three programs.

"I love using Project Wisdom in my Special Education Classroom. I teach in a SPED classroom with students with behavior problems. Using Project Wisdom in my classroom is essential. I can always use my weekly monitoring to determine where each student is struggling and pick the perfect lesson plan to do with my students."

Karla, Teacher - Georgia

Note: Online access available for one year only.

In addition to the features available with your one-year subscription to Series 1, you can purchase simultaneous access to Series 2 and/or Series 3. The purchase of each additional series opens up access to an additional database of 190+ daily broadcast messages. Each new series comes with its own weekly and monthly themes and journals.

At any time during your subscription, you may choose to print the materials for future use. Most of these materials are timeless in content, so many licensed schools have re-broadcast the collection of messages for as many as 15 years.

Ordering Beyond The Infraction®

Order Now and Save $100.
Special offer EXTENDED to September 30, 2020!
$299 less $100 discount = $199

Beyond the Infraction® is a simple but powerful intervention program for elementary and secondary-level students that takes them beyond the infraction and toward the goal of learning from poor choices. Infraction-specific tools were created at the request of educators by educators.

This is an add-on component and your school must be a licensed Project Wisdom school with a current subscription.

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Program Licensing

Project Wisdom Materials and/or the Educator Resource Site (ERS) 2.0 are licensed to individual schools. Project Wisdom strives to teach young people how to live ethical, principle-based lives. By honoring the copyright laws and this License Agreement, you not only teach by example, but you help protect the viability of this nationally-recognized program.

Be sure to review our License Agreement.

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