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Beyond the Infraction®

Welcome to Beyond the Infraction®, a simple but powerful intervention program for secondary-level students that takes them beyond the infraction and toward the goal of learning from poor choices. These twenty-eight infraction-specific tools were created at the request of educators by educators.

Access is limited to schools that 1) have a current Educator Resource Site (ERS) subscription and 2) have paid the one-time fee for online access to Beyond the Infraction®.

Before you begin, read Beyond the Infraction® Introduction.

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"As a former practitioner, I always wanted each encounter with discipline to be a learning experience. These tools have that potential. I like the structure very much."

Mary Anne Hoppe
Assistant Director Leadership Academy in Character Education University of Missouri - St. Louis

Access to Program

Accessing Beyond the Infraction® requires a current Educator Resource Site subscription, plus a one-time fee.

Access is password protected. If you cannot access Beyond the Infraction®, please contact your principal or Project Wisdom contact person to inquire as to whether or not your campus has purchased this intervention program.

To avoid overexposure, the developers of these intervention tools strongly recommend that they not be used for individual classroom management. Access should be limited to principals, assistant principals, counselors, and disciplinarians.

If your campus has not purchased access to these tools, click here for information about how to do so.

About the Program

The Latin root of the word discipline is disciplina, which means "instruction given." Every encounter with students has the potential for teaching and learning. This is especially so with encounters made during the discipline process. Interactions with students can be particularly fruitful when students are allowed to consider choices and consequences and make the connection between cause and effect.

At the request of educators, Project Wisdom created these simple but powerful intervention tools that take students Beyond the Infraction® and toward the goal of learning from poor choices. Administrators and counselors can employ these tools to initiate conversations with students involved in the discipline process, place the worksheets and notes into student files, and use them as communication tools with teachers and parents.

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