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Here's what you can expect through June 2017.

These materials include special broadcast messages dealing with current or calendar events, or pressing issues. Also included are correlating lesson plans, discussion generators, and follow-up activities for all grade lev els.

If you are planning to use the weekly or monthly themes, it's important to know that because this content addresses many calendar events, these topics may or may not fit within the theme you choose for any particular week. Consider setting aside one day per week to broadcast these special messages schoolwide (or use as classroom read-alouds), and then implement the corresponding lesson plan. These tools work really well for weekly advisory, character education, life skills, or enrichment classes.

"The program has been a great way to build a positive school climate and to begin to help students understand that they are responsible for their choices and the outcomes of these choices, both positive and negative."

Amy, Prevention Intervention Specialist - California


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June (two weeks)

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Additional Messages with Lesson Plans

> Calendar Events
> Life Skills/Pressing Issues

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