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Discipline Referrals

Character Education and Project Wisdom

Many schools suffer daily with a steady stream of discipline referrals, which diverts valuable time, energy, and resources away from more positive and productive activities.

There is strong evidence to support the idea that comprehensive character education reduces discipline referrals. >Read more

How Project Wisdom Impacts Discipline Referrals

Fewer discipline referrals means more time on task for teachers,
administrators, and students. Project Wisdom reduces discipline referrals.

A key finding of our third-party evaluation indicates that:

  • The program helps decrease discipline referrals to the office.
    67% of those surveyed agreed.

"About 50% lower numbers of referrals this year compared to last year." Rose Marie Biddle, Counselor, Denton Elementary School, Denton, MD

"We are now in year two of using Project Wisdom, and we have cut our office referrals for discipline in HALF over the last two years. I believe that Project Wisdom has been a big part of that reduction. The Words of Wisdom message to start off the day creates a positive building climate." Gary Foulke, Principal, Overbrook Attendance Center, Overbrook, KS

"Discipline referrals are almost nonexistent at this point in a K-5 elementary school. When they do occur, the students and their teachers and I are able to share a common language, as we frequently reference the message of the day. Often, the children offer that reference first!" Janine Lavery, Principal, Alleghany Avenue School, Lindenhurst, NY

"Teachers are more confident in dealing with student issues and can use the program as a springboard for discussions. Referrals have decreased by 10% since the beginning of the year." Sue Hildebrand, Thornton Elementary School, Temple, TX

"In our third year of use, we are seeing a reduction of 30% from last school year in discipline referrals."
Duane Kline, Principal

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